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The Bob Venero Children’s Foundation announced September 2010, the start of an annual charity drive called the “Community Backpack Program.” This program supports children returning to school in our local community; supplying them with backpacks, school supplies and other necessary tools to help our children with the success of their education.

The Community Backpack Program

Our local community has been impacted from an economical perspective due to the increasing financial challenges our children and families face today. The initial start to the program was the purchase and delivery of 200 high-quality backpacks. The backpacks were successfully delivered to our local schools, churches, and outreach organizations throughout Bayport and Bluepoint by Debbie Lurie.

We hope you will support the “Community Backpack Program” for the upcoming school year (2011/2012) by supplying backpacks and other necessary school supplies to fill the backpacks, in preparation for our children’s first day of school!

Bob Venero said “we all need to look into our hearts and try to help one another especially in our own community. Our impact as a group can change lives one step at a time.”

For additional information and to help support this program, please contact the foundation at info@venerofoundation.org. Thank you!